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"Would you like some coffee?",
Said the waitress to my friends;
Pouring from a steaming pot
That never seems to end.

 "Would you like some coffee?",
- I said, "I'm drinking tea -
Could I have a cup with cream
Brought over here to me?"

"Would you like more coffee?",
(She holds two pots of Joe);
She pours "high test" and decaf,
Then quickly turns to go.

"Please wait - my cup's still empty,
I'd like hot tea with cream",
(To order one small cup of tea
Is harder than it seems).

 "Would you like more coffee?",
Please bring my tea with cream,
My friends are getting up to leave!"
(My throat's too dry to scream).

"Would you like more coffee,
Or would you like your bill?"
really like the manager
To know I'm waiting - still!"

By  Terry V.

S#@t may be one of the most
functional words
in the English language. . . . .

You can be ____ faced,
____ out of luck,
Or have ____ for brains.  

You can smoke ____,
Buy ____, sell ____,
Lose ____, find ____,
Forget ____,
And tell others to eat ___.

Some people know their ____,
While others don't know ____.

There are lucky ____s, dumb ____s,
Crazy ____s, and sweet ____s.

There is bull ____,
And chicken ____.

You can throw ____,
Catch ____,
Shoot the ____,
Or duck when the ____ hits the fan.

You can give a ____,
Find yourself in deep ____,
Or serve ____ on a shingle.

Some days are colder than ____,
And some are just plain ____ty.

Things can look like ____,
And there are times when you feel like ____.
If you have too much ___ -
It's hard to find a place for it.. 

You can carry ____,
Or find yourself up ____ creek..... without a paddle.  

Sometimes everything you touch turns to ____,
And other times you fall in ____, and come out
Smelling like a rose.

With a little effort you can get your ____ together -
If you ever decide to ____ and get off the pot!  

Author Unknown
Submitted - and improved - by, Terry V.


HUGS                       HOPE                   UNDERSTANDING                   GIVING               SUPPORT                      HUGS


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